Why Being an Insurance Agent is Awesome

Insurance Agent 1With the advent of smartphones, laptops and virtual offices being an Insurance Agent is the ultimate “Life on the Beach”. Where else can you sound sincere from thousands of miles away and still make your clients feel right at home. Yes sir, gone are the days when you have to wear an ugly checkered multi-color blazer and meet your customers live and in person.

Agent Kevin Cozy originally from Topeka, Kansas says, “ Why in earth would I want to sit in a 10 by 10 office and listen to customers tell me what their friends say they should be paying for their insurance when I can listen to them on my Bluetooth sipping on frosted vodka Collins here on the beach. Hell, they think I’m a slacker anyway…might as well live up to the perception.”

Other agents have a different perspective. Mike Laidlow from Akron, Ohio says, “Yeah it’s helped to have all these new communication technologies at our finger tips but the reality is a happy insurance agent is a happy customer. Hey, a calm environment means we are able to keep the whole insurance experience a pleasant one…even if a car is totaled or a home is being flooded. We remind the customer it’s not the end of the world…we’re here to help them “chill out”.

Yes these are just a few reasons why being an Insurance Agent is such a rewarding career in the 21st century. There are worse things in life than death…and spending time with an insurance agent isn’t one of them anymore.