Auto Insurance

Driving on today’s roads can be a challenge each and every day. The last thing you need is to find out you don’t have the coverage you thought you had in your policy. The Perimeter Group takes the time to review your particular insurance needs and places you with the carrier that provides the right coverage at the best rate. Not all carriers offer the same coverage, so it is important you hire an agency to help guide you to the right place to meet your needs.

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Homeowners Insurance

The Perimeter Group offers a broad range of coverage options from multiple national carriers for your homeowners insurance. Whether you reside in a home, condo, apartment, mobile home or rent out a home or condo, our agency offers the right protection package to cover your significant property investment. We take the time to build a policy that properly protects your property and personal belongings as well as guard against liability claims.

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Condo Insurance

Owning a condominium poses different insurance needs versus a standard homeowner’s policy. The Perimeter Group offers different options to cover personal property and “walls-in” property that meet yours and HOA requirements. Click on the link to get a quote tailored to your needs today!

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Landlord Dwelling Insurance

Owning a rental property offers many rewards and at the same time many challenges. One of those is finding the right coverage for your particular property. The Perimeter Group works with multiple carriers to build the right policy for you. We make sure your property has the right dwelling and personal property coverage as well as liability and loss of rental income protection.

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Renters Insurance

Even though you don’t own the property you live in, you still need to protect your personal belongings and against potential liability claims. Whether you rent a home, condo or apartment you still need to cover yourself from the financial hardship of a property loss or damage you are liable for. A renters policy from the Perimeter Group will provide the protection you need.

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Vacant Dwelling Insurance

When a home or condo becomes vacant a standard homeowner’s policy will not cover the property. Thus, it is imperative to obtain a Vacant Home insurance policy to cover the property against damages and potential liability events. The Perimeter Group offers many options to provide protection for the higher risk associated with vacant homes. Click on the link to receive a quote for your vacant home today!

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Personal Umbrella Insurance

While you probably have excellent coverage for your home, auto and personal property, you might have underestimated the liability coverage the necessary to protect yourself from great financial hardship. Are you prepared for an incident where someone

  • injuries themselves in your swimming pool
  • is injured in a car accident caused by your teenage child
  • is bitten by your dog
  • sues you for a million dollars?

An umbrella policy extends your liability coverage over your base insurance policies, even if you are on vacation or traveling outside of the U.S. For those with significant assets to protect and umbrella policy is a MUST.

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Motorcycle / ATV / Recreational Vehicle Insurance

There are many options to consider when insuring the vehicles we use to enjoy the outdoors. Besides the normal protection for accidents and liability, many policies include key features and discounts worth considering. The Perimeter Group helps identify those carriers offering the best protection package to help you enjoy the outdoors with greater peace of mind.

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Boat Insurance

It’s important to be prepared when you head out to water. At the Perimeter Group we will build an insurance policy for your specific type of boat or watercraft… no matter the shape or size. We map out coverage that protects your boat, motor, trailer and accessory equipment. In addition, the package includes liability protection, medical coverage and emergency breakdown services. Click on the link for coverage stem to stern!

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Flood Insurance

Most people don’t think they need flood insurance. However, you might be surprised that a flood loss is 30 times more likely to occur than a fire loss. Recent major flooding has occurred in many “non-flood” prone areas where no coverage is provided by the base homeowner’s insurance policy. The Perimeter Group provides federal flood insurance policies along with excess flood protection to protect against damage caused by rising water from rivers and washes. Contact us to get more information on how a flood insurance policy might be right for you.

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