Life Insurance

All too often the most valuable assets in the household receive the least amount of attention…you and your family. The Perimeter Group offers a broad range of life insurance options that takes into account the life stage position you and your family are currently in. Let our skilled specialists tailor a program from one of our large roster of life insurance carriers that provides long-term financial stability for you and your family within your budget requirements.

The Perimeter Group…we build insurance coverage that protects you.

Step 1
We identify the risks and potential losses to your income and household savings. We look at your current housing situation, retirement accounts, current lifestyle, current and potential education funds needed, debt liquidation and contributions.


Step 2
We determine the right amount of life insurance based on the Total Needs of your family and your current asset situation:

Needs: Final Expenses, Debts, Emergency and Contingency Funds, Home Mortgage or rent Fund, Childcare, Education Funds, Survivor Income Fund, Special Needs for Disability or Health Maintenance.

Assets: Cash on hand, Investments Value, Current Life Insurance in place, Retirement Accounts, Inheritances, Other Liquid Assets.

Total Coverage Needed = Total Needs – Total Assets


Step 3
You choose a Life Insurance Plan that best suits the needs of your family or business

Term Life Insurance: Level Death Benefit protection with no cash value accumulation, lower initial premiums, temporary time period of coverage, convertible to permanent protection, variety of plans and time periods.

Whole Life Insurance: Level Death Benefit Protection, tax-deferred cash value accumulation, level premiums, permanent protection.

Universal Life Insurance: Death Benefit protection, tax-deferred cash value accumulation, flexible premiums, flexible death benefit. Term, Whole, Life, Universal, Key Person, Buy-Sell, Disability.

Key Person Life Insurance: Helps protect a company from the financial hardship of losing a top member of the management team. Losing a key person could mean loss of sales and clients, as well as impacting long-term management skills and expertise. In addition, it could impact your credit rating and cause increased expenses for recruiting and training replacement. Life insurance for key employees can help provide the money you need to offset these types of losses. This plan can be implemented using a Term, Whole, or Universal Life Insurance policy.

Buy-Sell Agreement Life Insurance: Designed to insure that the surviving members of a company will be able to “buy-out” the heirs’ interest in a company in not only a most economical way but also make the transition to a new management team go a lot smoother. By having a buy-sell agreement in place, surviving company managers are protected against outside pressures regarding the value of a deceased manager’s interest. In addition, a value is pre-determined to insure fairness for all parties. Any buy-sell agreement MUST be prepared by a qualified attorney who is familiar with your business and personal situation.This plan can be implemented using a Term, Whole, or Universal Life Insurance policy.

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